How to Organize Toys in a Small Space?

how to organize toys in a small spaceYour house may become pretty messy. After your vacation, when you start unpacking your suitcases, it looks cluttered. Older kids go to school, getting a lot of new supplies. Your tiny tot shouldn’t be short on games and art supplies. How to organize toys in a small space? If you live in a tiny apartment, this task is tricky. You might seem to have too much stuff to fit your rooms. Lego blocks, balls and various accessories scattered all around you are not a good practice. Don’t get put out. Use modern organization techniques. Space and capacious storage solutions let you keep clutter at bay.

Tiny House Issues and Challenges

Do you live in a tiny house? In California, Florida or Colorado, it’s a common practice. In Denver, Orlando, and San Diego, there is a high concentration of tiny home villages. They make up to 12% of the total housing solutions. How large are they? I hope, your home doesn’t resemble a shed.

According to Missouri Building Code, the abodes that are smaller than 400 sq. ft. are tiny homes. How do you organize a small space with a lot of things? In tough conditions, you’ll keep only the most essential stuff at hand. Anyway, it should include:

  • board games;
  • puzzles;
  • crafts;
  • soft plush animals;
  • action figures;
  • musical instruments.

Little girls would prefer dolls. Boys take interest in model cars, trains, boats, and planes. Where will you store all of this stuff? In a limited space, you’ll have to donate some toys. When your tiny tot gets older, tiring of old items, it’s possible. Recycle broken toys or incomplete sets for sure. But it’s only an outlier or your last resource.

How Can I Organize My Toys without a Playroom?

Fortunately, tiny houses are not too common. In Missouri, the cost of living is not very high. The housing market in the state is improving. Additionally, up to one-third of Missourians are lucky. They live in single-family houses, in rural areas. Medium-size homes measure 1,200-2,500 sq. ft.

Having a special, designated room for your kid’s toys is perfect. If there is no playroom in your house or apartment, don’t get put out. You can easily organize any stuff, using functional solutions, like:

  • bookshelves;
  • display cabinets;
  • toy hammocks;
  • storage bins;
  • baskets and hangers.

Large carton boxes may not do the job. They meet only large stuff storage needs. Additionally, they might be as flimsy as paper sacks. A Disney princess toy boxes benches is a different story. Why don’t you buy it for your little darling? Then, you won’t have to store small Lego pieces and figurines in bulk. Your kids don’t lose them, avoiding incomplete or mismatching sets issues.

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Benefits of Keeping Toys Tidy

No items, large or small, shouldn’t remain scattered on the floor. Open-space rooms are preferable for kids. It lets them play safely, avoiding tripping-over risks. Additionally, the toys are to remain clean and safe. Wash and disinfect them regularly.

where should kids toys be kept

Quite naturally, toys safety requirements are strict. They are to be non-toxic, chemical-free. Stuffed, plush animals are especially difficult to keep clean. How should I organize my bunch of toys in a room? Small ones require grouping. Fortunately, keeping them dust-free is possible.

Functional storage solutions make it easy. As well as your kid’s toys, they are to be:

  • versatile;
  • sturdy;
  • lightweight;
  • easy to open;
  • safe to use and attractive.

Large plastic treasure chest toy boxes are no exception. They are easy to clean and durable. The boxes let you store small toys and valuables securely. The locks eliminate any risk of loss or occasional cleanup. Benches that double as storage meet the purpose too. Looking like organizers inside, they come with multiple capacious compartments. So, it’s easy to find and take the necessary item out.

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How to Store Kids Toys in Living Room?

Your house might be large and well-equipped. It should include several bedrooms and many beautiful windows. Above all, it makes it cozy, open, and bright. Bathrooms and a kitchen go without saying. Proper ventilation is a must. It improves indoor air quality, preventing mold growth issues.

how to store children's toys in living room

Thus, even a tiny home should come with a high ceiling. It can’t be lower than 6 feet 8 inches, at least, to enable healthy housing. As well as at least one bathroom, a living room is essential. Will you keep your kid’s toys in the hardest working room? Regardless of your floor plan, it’s convenient.

Toy storage ideas for small spaces are numerous and versatile. You can hide the toys, keeping them in bins or drawers. Thus, you should:

  • group the stuff;
  • clean it every day;
  • organize the toys;
  • label the storage solutions.

Try to keep the favorite kid’s toys accessible. Toy boxes for boys keep them safe. Display the most presentable items on the lower shelves. Your tiny ton should feel free to play with them any time. The bins are to be easy to move, featuring completely safe lids.

How Do I Organize My Toys Room?

There are many ways to store your favorite stuff. It finds its place in any space or room. Thus, you can keep them in stylish baskets, large bins, and drawers. Hanging large items and small supplies on the door is possible too. Shoe racks or simple wall hooks do the job. Magnets let you stick bins with craft supplies to a fridge’s side.

Quite naturally, the best way to organize toys is on the bottom. They find their due place under a bed or a playtable. In durable wooden boxes or cute hammocks, they remain clean and accessible. When your kids get older, they help you to clean up the toys. Does it sound unbelievable?

Encourage them by:

  • positive praises;
  • own role model;
  • joint work;
  • attention to their needs and wants.

Would you like to minimize the stuff volume? Don’t forget to ask the child about it. Your tiny tot should decide which toys are to stay in your house. Finally, imagine that cleanup is a game and have fun together!

5 Ways to Organize Toys in a Small Space

Small space got you feeling toyed with? Don’t stress – with a dash of creativity, you can organize kids’ toys even in tight quarters. Check out these five tips:

  • Tactic #1: Opt for stackable storage bins and baskets to save vertical space. Labels help identify contents at a glance.
  • Tactic #2: Install wall-mounted shelves or display ledges to get toys up off the floor. Bonus points for pretty woven baskets for tidy storage.
  • Tactic #3: Maximize under-bed clearance with storage totes on wheels that slide out for easy access. Make that empty cavity work for you!
  • Tactic #4: Designate one bin or shelf for rotation toys – pull some out periodically and stow others to keep the selection fresh.
  • Tactic #5: Have kids help purge unused or outgrown toys regularly to maintain order. Less clutter = more visible floor space!

With a little strategic thinking, small spaces can still have room for play. You’ve got this! Let me know if you need any other small space tips.

Bottom Line

Do you find it difficult to keep your house tidy? If your kids are small, like toddlers, it would be a challenging task. Various toys, cars and dolls, balls, and Lego blocks might be in any crevice of your house. If your home is tiny, cleanup is especially tricky but essential. You are to keep it safe and healthy. Don’t get put out. Excellent storage solutions do the job. They let you store every item or toy easily. Attractive and durable, they make your kids enjoy the games. Additionally, they don’t take a lot of your cherished space. So, arrange your stuff properly, in groups, indulge your tiny tot and relax.

Hi, I’m David from St Louis, Missouri. Are you looking for a storage box? This blog helps you to make your informed decision. I’ve initiated it, trying to apply my knowledge and personal experience. So, be informed and don’t hesitate to ask questions.

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