Why You Should Choose the Best Freezer Bags for Meat?

best freezer bags for meat

Do you like cooking? Multiple of your favorite recipes are based on the food. Humans do eat flesh of animals, including sheep, cows, pigs and rabbits since prehistoric times. Nowadays it is commonly stored in the best freezer bags for meat.

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Meat is nutritional, healthy and tasty. No meal, lunch or dinner is complete without it. However, this type of food is stored in freezer more often than other products. Why? Meat is perishable. If you don’t cook and consume it within the nearest 2-3 days, it goes bad. Mold and bacteria spoil it.

So, plastic freezer bags are commonly used. They are compact, letting you save valuable space in the freezer. Which ones to select? They are to be heavy-duty, top-quality, BPA-free, equipped with closures. Let me review the most durable and handy ones. I hope it helps you make your informed choice.

9 Best Freezer Bags for Meat in 2021

#1.Ziploc Freezer Gallon
  • Thickness, mil. - 3
  • Count - 120
  • Dimensions, in. - 10.75x10.56
  • Weight, lbs - 3.5
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#2.Ziploc 2 Gallon
  • Thickness, mil. - 2.6
  • Count - 100/250
  • Dimensions, in. - 13x15
  • Weight, lbs - 4.6
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#3.Glad 2 in 1 Zipper
  • Thickness, mil. - 2.2
  • Count - 108/138/200/270/360
  • Dimensions, in. - 7.75x7
  • Weight, lbs - 2.3
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#4.Hefty Slider
  • Thickness, mil. - 2.5
  • Count - 74/96/140/225/315
  • Dimensions, in. - 7x8
  • Weight, lbs - 2.3
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#5.UltraSource Wild Game
  • Thickness, mil. - 2
  • Count - 1000
  • Dimensions, in. - 10x4.25
  • Weight, lbs - 7
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#6.Sandwich Bag Ri-Pac
  • Thickness, mil. - 2
  • Count - 100
  • Dimensions, in. - 4 sizes
  • Weight, lbs - 4.6
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#7.Immuson Food Bags
  • Thickness, mil. - 0.5
  • Count - 350/700/1400/2100/3500/7000
  • Dimensions, in. - 12x20
  • Weight, lbs - 5.85
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  • Thickness, mil. –2-3
  • Count – 2
  • Dimensions, in. – 13.5 x 13
  • Weight, lbs. – 1.74
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#9.eoglo#9. Eoglo
  • Thickness, mil – more than 3 (extra)
  • Count – 11
  • Dimensions, in – 11x11; 8.6 x 7.3; 8.6 x 4.7
  • Weight, lbs – 0.45
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1. Ziploc Freezer Gallon: Tough and Easy-to-open Freezer Bags

easy to open freezer bagsWhenever you think much of quality, this approach is to be applied to freezer bags too. Ziploc products are worthy of being rated as high as possible. The brand is known due to its safety and sustainability. The bags, both freezer and storage ones, are produced by the famous SC Johnson & Son Company.

It’s a family company that was based in 1886 in Racine city, Wisconsin. Quite naturally, Ziploc containers and bags were developed only in 1968. However, their range encompasses not only the best containers for freezing food and plastic bags. It includes multiple air care, pest control and home cleaning brands.

Have you never used Glade, Ceramicol, Duck, Mr. Muscle, Raid products? If so, you might live on another planet. Nowadays, the company is multinational. It’s available worldwide, on all continents. So, Ziploc bags are top-quality, durable and easy to use.

The product that is marketed as Gallon-size, freezer bags, are extraordinary. They are marketed as the ones that suit freezing meat and poultry. What are their unique features? They are large, accommodating big portions you store till weekends or family parties. The bags are tough and durable. Their 3-mil thickness is outstanding.

Here you can see more information about best containers for freezing food!

Interesting Opportunities

What is the most amazing feature? It’s the patented Smart Zip Seal. Thanks to it, your food is protected against freezer burn. The bags are closed edge to edge, storing even soups without any spillage. This way, original flavor of your dishes or ingredients freshness is preserved. Finally, the closures are easy to open.

So, I recommend you using these durable Ziploc bags. They are the thickest possible and, as to me, the best reusable food storage bags. It means, they are tough and reliable. Both plastic and seals are strong. Locking strips with little teeth seal your food perfectly. You can marinate pork or poultry inside. The liquid doesn’t spill out!

  • large-size;
  • tough and durable;
  • perfect seal;
  • reliable protection against freezer burn.
  • efficient.
  • common sides ripping issues.


So, I recommend you using these durable Ziploc bags. They are the thickest possible and, as to me, the best reusable food storage bags. It means, they are tough and reliable. Both plastic and seals are strong. Locking strips with little teeth seal your food perfectly. You can marinate pork or poultry inside. The liquid doesn’t spill out!

2. Ziploc 2 Gallon: Heavy Duty Freezer Bags

heavy duty freezer bagsDo you hesitate before investing in this product? These bags are worth it! First of all, they are to be highlighted as the largest available on the market. Extra-large (XL) or 2-gallon size is good to pack huge meat, poultry or seafood portions. It fits a whole chicken! The portions can be safely frozen and stored long-time.

Double Ziploc closure is a miracle! Unique Smart Zip Seal efficiently protects your food. It seals the pack from edge to edge, letting no air or moisture inside. It helps to prevent freezer burn. Additionally, meat remains fresh. Your dishes are full of flavor even after several months of storing in a freezer.

Do you think, it’s impossible to keep soups and gravies in plastic bags leak-free? Ziploc seal makes these packs virtually leak-proof. They are nearly as safe to store liquids as top-quality freezing containers. The lock is easy to open when you need it. However, it doesn’t open spontaneous in a fridge due to difference in temperatures or any other reasons.

Useful Information

Let me highlight the plastic quality. Quite naturally, it’s BPA-free. It’s approved by the FDA for food contact. What type of plastic is it? Basic component is LDPE. Some safe dyes and inks are added for aesthetic reasons. 2.6-mil thickness makes the bags durable and strong.

  • extra-large;
  • reliable seals;
  • top-quality, thick plastic;
  • strong and sturdy;
  • versatile.
  • not dishwasher-safe.


So, I highly recommend them as the best freezer bags for soup. I rate them so high due to their top quality. Thick, food-safe plastic is suitable to store meat, poultry and ready dishes in your fridge or freezer. Other applications, like transporting food, camping or traveling are also appropriate.

3. Glad 2 in 1 Zipper: Best Freezer Bags to Prevent Freezer Burn

do freezer bags prevent freezer burnDo you often pack food to store it in your refrigerator? If so, you would need smaller-size bags. Quart is a very good capacity. It suits needs of a small family that consists of 2 or 3 people. Having some leftovers to freeze, select this handy size.

Meanwhile, these bags are quite durable and tough. They are produced by the well-known Glad Products Company. It was founded in 1963. I guess it happened in Oakland, CA, as the company headquarter is based in the city. It specializes in various plastic products, making them reusable, washable, recyclable.

So, the bags are made of 100% polyethylene. They are BPA-free. Unfortunately, no FDA approval is provided. Meanwhile, the bags are durable and strong. Thickness is 2.2 mil. Double, zipper lock is provided. It changes the color when you close it properly. The lock is reliable to seal your foods tight, preventing freezer burn.

Additional Recommendations

The bags are top-quality, microwave-safe. During microwaving, zipper is to be 1-2 inches open to vent.

  • handy;
  • easy-to-use;
  • air-tight seal;
  • versatile;
  • durable.
  • the opening might rip when you use force.


In conclusion, I recommend the bags. They are handy, suiting multiple applications. The seal is air-tight, and quality is very high.

4. Hefty Slider: Reusable Freezer Bags for Meat

reusable freezer bags for meatHefty is another trustworthy brand that designated top quality of household products. They are produced by Reynolds Consumer Products, LLC. The company was established in 1919 in Louisville, Kentucky. Initially, it dealt with aluminum foil until a sealable bag was developed in 1990.

So, the freezer bags come with slider closures. The seal is extra-strong and easy-to-open. Maxlock track is a unique, patented feature. It clicks when the bag is closed. This way, you are sure it’s protected from freezer burn. Quart size is rather small. It’s handy to portion leftovers and meat.

Large, write-on labels are included. Quite naturally, the bags are BPA-free. They may be microwaved to defrost the foods faster. So, I recommend this product. The bags are similar to the ones from Glad. They are even a bit more durable and thicker.

  • thick and strong;
  • easy to close and open;
  • write-on labels available;
  • strong seal.
  • after multiple uses tabs may come off.

Overall Impression

Therefore, I recommend this product. The bags are similar to the ones from Glad. They are even a bit more durable and thicker.

5. UltraSource Wild Game: Strong, Black Plaid Pattern Bags

extra strong freezer bagsDo you use smaller food bags? Of course, you do. 1-lbs-capacity chub bags meet multiple household needs. Par example, they are convenient to store and freeze ground beef or pork, sausages, burgers, etc. They were initially designed for professional applications by hunters and meat processors. So, they meet high professional requirements.

These bags are quite thick and durable. 2-mil thickness is very good for the application. Additionally, they are well-designed. Coming with bottom gussets, they protect food from blowouts or freezer burn. The pattern is stylish and recognizable. So, you don’t need to specify the meat type on the label. Just right down the date of freezing, that’s all.

The brand UltraSource is reliable. It is a byword of expertise, competence and top quality. The company was founded in 1883 in Kansas City, Missouri. It deals with packaging and processing equipment and operational supplies. So, poly bags are quite tough and durable. They don’t rip or puncture, being tear-resistant.

  • tough;
  • durable;
  • stylish by design;
  • heavy-duty;
  • possible to personalize.
  • are to be kept upright.

General Impression

Thus, I recommend the bags to store processed meat. On the top, they are sealed with specially designed tape and bag neck sealer. Just squeeze air pockets out before sealing or vacuuming the bags. This way, you prolong the frozen food shelf life. The 10-inch-tall bags are to be kept upright until frozen. It lets you avoid a mess in your freezer.

6. Sandwich Bag Ri-Pac 2 Gallon Reclosable: Large Food Storage Bags

large resealable freezer bagsDo you think, a prominent brand is important? If you want to save on it, select these storage bags. They seem to be an imitation of Ziploc 2 Gallon bags. They are made in China. Are there any differences in quality? Let’s check it.

These are rather storage bags. They can be stored in a freezer. Meanwhile, no plastic composition indication is provided. Freezer bags vs storage bags are thicker, more durable and temperature-resistant. They are strong, suiting long term freezing.

These bags are 2-mil thick. They are reclosable and reusable. Are they larger than Ziploc ones? I don’t think so. 2-gallon size is standard. They might be 1-inch longer, but I think, it’s just inaccuracy in description. Material composition is too complicated to clear up.

As to the closure, it’s available and it’s good. Quite naturally, little tabs on the top are not available. Ziploc ones are unique, patented. Writing block is a pleasant bonus included in every box. So, you can write your essential notes, indicating the freezing date and the bag content.

Additional Information

Do they hold liquids like brine? Commonly, they do. The bags are tough and sturdy. However, the seals still might leak. These issues are common. So, I would not recommend the bags to freeze liquids. They are quite good to store fresh or smoked meat, fruits or vegetables.

You may pack clothes, towels, old books and newspapers. The bags do seal air out. They keep insects out. However, they are a bit flimsy for a freezer.

  • large size;
  • pretty thick and strong;
  • a closure on the top is available;
  • suit multiple applications.
  • multiple leakages and “rips on the side seams” issues.

7. Immuson Food Storage Bags: Best Freezer Bags for Fruit

disposable bags for freezingFinally, you would need common, thin, plastic, transparent bags. They are equipped with no closure. So, the bags are good to store fruits, vegetables, various household items. They are versatile. However, pour no liquids inside. Quite naturally, soups, marinades or brines would require more elaborate packing and sealing.

So, the bags are only 15-micron thick. However, they are produced from food-safe HDPE. They are approved by the FDA for food contact. The bags withstand a wide temperature range, from -50 to 220° F. Additionally, they are manufactured in the USA.

  • food-safe;
  • made of HDPE;
  • cold-resistant;
  • transparent.
  • thin polyethylene;
  • not good to freeze or store liquids.

Final Impression

So, I recommend the bags for light-duty household and utility needs. They might be used to store and freeze solid foods, such as bread, cheeses or snacks.

8. EcoLifeMate: Reusable Silicone Bags for Meat

reusable silicone bags for meatHow many freezer bags do you need? I guess it’s better to buy fresh food or cook fresh soup every day or two. Sometimes, we still need to freeze and store some meat, leftovers and vegetables. But what kind of bags do you prefer? It’s better to have a few heavy-duty strong bags than many thin and flimsy ones.

Which polymer material to choose? Paper sacks are suitable only for carrying your groceries home. If your food is dry and lightweight, they do the job. Silicone is terrific material. It stands out by high thermal stability and durability. Therefore, the reusable bags by EcoLifeMate are:

  • eco-friendly;
  • dishwasher-safe;
  • non-toxic;
  • BPA-free;
  • flexible and heavy-duty.

Is it safe to microwave food in your silicone bag? Being in a hurry, you might need to defrost your frozen fish or poultry. It’s not the best method, as it can allow bacteria to grow. Defrosting a portion of soup is much safer if you eat it at once. Nevertheless, EcoLifeMate bags might meet your needs. If you don’t overheat them, exceeding the temperature of 200 °F, they are completely safe.

So, the bags are very large. Capacity of every item is 160 oz. Gallon-size bags are huge. I guess they have enough room to store a small chicken inside. Don’t they fit your dishwasher? The bags are flexible, so, it’s not a problem. Additionally, they come with reliable slider bars, being beneficially airtight.

  • strong;
  • sturdy;
  • heavy-duty;
  • leak-proof;
  • lightweight and space-saving.
  • the size might be too large in terms of your daily needs;
  • not very easy to clean, open and close.

Overall Impression

Why do I recommend these silicone reusable bags? They are extremely thick, durable and heavy-duty. Use them to freeze or marinate large amounts of meat before parties. Do you want to apply them otherwise? If you’ve got a good harvest of fruits or vegetables, freeze them in these huge bags. In winter, they will be a real catch!

9. EogloExtra Thick: A Comprehensive Set of Storage Bags

a comprehensive set of storage bagsEvery day, you are to pack and freeze a lot of food. The list includes seasonal fruits, veggies, leftovers. After a party, some of your delicious, handmade dishes may remain. Before Thanksgiving Day, you’ll buy a large organic turkey. Keep it fresh within 1-2 days. But you can use a frozen dressing mixture to cook it.

You pack and carry snacks and sandwiches even more often. You take them to the office, going for a walk or during a trip. Versatile storage bags are necessary every day. The set from Eoglo Store is a perfect all-in-one solution: it suits packing and carrying everything. Cosmetics, electronics, toiletry and all kinds of food are safe inside.

Material and Seal Benefits

These storage bags are a real catch! Using them, you’ll forget about all other plastic wraps and sacks. What makes them so perfect? Of, course, it’s outstanding peva material. What is it? It’s a kind of bio-degradable, non-chlorinated vinyl. Peva is food-safe, BPA-free and non-toxic.

Eoglo bags are very nice in use: they are soft, flexible and lightweight. Extra-thick peva film makes them durable, hygienic and healthy. Can you use these storage bags to freeze meat and fish? It’s virtually your best packing stuff for any foodstuff.

The bags themselves are sturdy. They are completely watertight, freezer-safe and reusable. Airtight, reliable seals make protect your food and essential stuff. The set includes 2 extra-large, 5 large and 4 snack bags. It’s a comprehensive solution that meets all your household needs.

Just don’t place them in your dishwasher. Don’t expose them to heat. Wash peva bags carefully by hand, and they last for several months, at least.

  • versatile, all-in-one set;
  • waterproof;
  • airtight seal;
  • durable;
  • lightweight.
  • tricky to clean after meat and fruits storage;
  • discolor and tear after a month of use.


Eoglo storage bags are reusable and versatile. They suit various household and traveling applications. Among other things, it’s handy to freeze meat inside. The bags are pliable, soft and water-proof. Airtight seal protects your food from freezer burn efficiently.

Buyers’ Guide

Are you concerned with environment? Plastic pollution is a big threat to oceans and wildlife throughout the world. However, I am sure, you use plastic bags to pack various items every day. Why? These storage solutions are:

  1. space-saving;
  2. flexible;
  3. affordable;
  4. lightweight;
  5. quick to pack;
  6. biodegradable;
  7. durable.

Using plastic bags, you keep your food in the freezer or refrigerator well-organized. Being transparent, they let you distinguish their content. These plastics are easily branded or labeled. Any information can be printed or written on its surface.

Meanwhile, reusability is one of the most significant bags’ benefits. Can you use plastic wrap in freezer? This type of packing is air-tight but flimsy. It’s easy to unroll and use. However, even if it’s food-safe, it’s not leak-proof or durable. Cling film is disposable. So, it’s better to reduce its use to eliminate waste.

How to Select Freezer Bags?

The bags that are tear-resistant durable and thick, are preferable. They are washable and reusable. So, choosing freezer bags, consider their:

  • brand;
  • size;
  • application;
  • sealing type;
  • thickness and reliability.

Leading freezer bags’ brands are Ziploc, Hefty and Glad. Reliable, patented, double locks are preferable. They are essential to avoid leaks, especially, if you are going to freeze liquids.

Additionally, the type of material or plastic is to be taken into account. It is to be BPA-free, safe to contact food. Can you freeze plastic containers? Yes, if they are made of HDPE or LDPE materials. They don’t release any chemicals to food or water. These safe polyethylene types withstand low temperatures, up to -76 (-40) °F.

Bags’ sizes depend on your family composition, application of packing, cooking occasion and portions you prefer. Commonly used capacities are 2-gallon, gallon, quart. Small, pound and pint sizes are also applicable. However, they are not very handy to store food long term.

How to Freeze Meat to Avoid Freezer Burn?

Being frozen, food should not lose moisture. When it’s freezer burned, it tastes unpleasant and dull. So, you would need to trim the damaged portion off or even discard it.

To avoid this condition:

  1. organize your freezer, letting air circulate;
  2. keep the temperature stable at 0° F;
  3. freeze any kind of meat at the peak of its quality and freshness;
  4. avoid repeated thawing and freezing;
  5. use proper, airtight packing (bags).

Additionally, consider the shelf life of various meat types. Try not to exceed it. Label the packings properly, specifying the date, cut and type of meat. In this case, you are sure, your food if fresh when you need it. Just defrost, cook according to your favorite recipe and enjoy your meal.

General Conclusion

Ziploc Gallon and 2 Gallon are the best freezer bags for meat. They are thick, reliable and durable. Quart-size bags by Glad and Hefty are handy, convenient to pack leftovers and small meat portions. The bags by UltraSource are stylish and heavy-duty. They are great to store ground and processed meat.


Hi, I’m David from St Louis, Missouri. Are you looking for a storage box? This blog helps you to make your informed decision. I’ve initiated it, trying to apply my knowledge and personal experience. So, be informed and don’t hesitate to ask questions.

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