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About Author PageMy name is David K. Pennington, and I would like to provide you with the most complete and reliable information about various storage boxes. These unremarkable items seem to be minor and accessorial, but they are essential for meeting a lot of our needs, from organizing our home to food delivery.

Made of cardboard, timber, plastic, glass or metal, with dissimilar lids, of various sizes, they serve us day and night, being convenient, beautiful and handy. Some of them are lightweight, watertight and washable; the other ones are durable, sturdy and scratch-resistant. The variety of storage boxes is amazing; it may become daunting to select the best-suiting at the moment. That’s why I decided to smoothen things down for you.

Why Do I Initiate This Blog?

I come from St Louis, MO, that is a major US port and I used to watch a lot of various goods, delivered and dispatched in containers when I was a child. We commonly pack our stuff to take it along to the school, university or office or to store it at home, in a garage, etc. in a similar way. The items we use every day or once a year are to remain protected, fresh, clear and well-organized.

That’s why I like these handy boxes, large or small, versatile, useful and low-maintenance.

How Can I Help You to Make an Informed Decision?

Nowadays, when I am a graduate school student of science, studying chemistry and natural philosophy, I guess, I can convert my knowledge to the household domain and give you a good advice.

Quite naturally, I rely not only on my knowledge and personal experience but study a lot of sources, such as:

  • scientific researches;
  • expert opinions;
  • international certification;
  • true customers’ reviews.

Additionally, I test every storage box I review and highlight on the site and try to find its distinctive features, pros and cons that could help you to select the product that meets the special needs and preferences.

So, please, keep yourself informed on the innovations and novelties and feel free to ask questions anytime.