SentrySafe Fire Box: Model 1200 with Key Lock

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When it comes to keeping your most prized possessions secure, nothing beats money safe with keys as an efficient storage option. Convenient yet durable, safe will ensure maximum protection for whatever valuables may lie within its confines.

Sentrysafe 1200 Money Chest: Protecting Valuables with Quality Security

For now, made from quality materials, small chests could withstand even the harshest environments. Boasting an aluminum construction and secure key lock access control system, only its contents will ever be accessible by key.

This chest is not only extremely reliable but also highly convenient. Its compact size makes it suitable for storage in small areas such as closets or under beds, as well as its convenient transport handle for easy portability anywhere it needs to go.

When you need to secure documents, jewelry, or other valuables safely, SentrySafe provides an ideal storage solution! Make sure to compromise quality and security by choosing their small safe.

1200 fire sentry safe

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Secure Protection for Your Valuables

Sentrysafe 1200 provides quality protection for your valuables, be they documents, family heirlooms or electronic devices. You are explicitly designed to safeguard them from theft and fire.

One of the main features of this chest is its strong and sturdy construction. Crafted with high-grade materials, this sturdy design offers maximum protection from burglars with its robust steel structure and breach-resistant hinges, as well as virtually impenetrable hinges that ward them off.

Sentrysafe chest offers more than robust construction – it also provides fire protection. Independently controlled, this secure container can withstand temperatures of up to 1550 deg F for 30 minutes without succumbing to flames – meaning your documents and valuables will remain undamaged even in the event of a fire.

There is a convenient transport handle for easy transport and storage, while its compact size makes it suitable for placing into closets, drawers or under beds.

Key-locking system provides added protection to access to your valuables with additional levels of safety. Keys are lightweight and easily portable so they can always be on hand.

SentrySafe stands out from its competitors as an affordable, quality solution you can rely on to secure your valuables. Thanks to its robust construction, fire safety measures, water resistance capabilities, and convenient features – you can entrust it with protecting what matters.

Key Features and Quality of Protection

  1. Fire Reliability
  2. Compact Size
  3. Portable Design
  4. Internal Organization
  5. Flexible Applications
  6. Peace of Mind

Robust Construction and Design

The Sentrysafe Money Chest has been developed and manufactured with maximum security in mind, taking special care in every aspect of its design to protect both valuables and money from theft or loss.

sentry 1200 safe

Durable Materials

This safe is constructed with high quality steel to ensure durability and to protect against burglary attempts. The robust construction guarantees secure storage for your valuables.

Reinforcing Locking Mechanism

Locking mechanisms are designed for maximum security. Equipped with high quality locks that are nearly impossible to open without keys, they ensure only authorized persons have access to their contents.

Protect Against Breaches

The system comes equipped with prevention and protection features designed to bolster its security, such as reinforced hinges and an effective locking system which makes it impossible for an intruder to open the chest easily.

Scratch Resistance

Chest construction incorporates scratch-resistant components. The outer surface can withstand rigorous manipulation without suffering scratches or bumps – an assurance of lasting condition and protection that continues even after daily use.


Sentrysafe provides excellent fire resistance to help safeguard your valuables against disaster, from documents, jewelry, and electronics to important documents.

Crafted of sturdy steel construction and featuring double fire-retardant insulation, this small chest can withstand temperatures of 1550degF for 30 minutes at maximum temperature. When lit, the lid expands, providing an additional tobacco and heat barrier to keep valuables intact.

Tested and certified by an independent ETL testing lab and compliant with all UL covered fire protection standards.

sentry safe with key

Two Keys

Small Sentrysafe chests equipped with two keys offer extra security; having two allows the spare key to remain accessible should one key become lost or forged, keeping valuables accessible even if one key becomes misplaced or lost.

Two keys provide access to another trusted person, such as family or close friends. This feature can come in particularly handy if you plan on being away for an extended period and wish for someone else to access your valuables in your absence.

Two keys make using two locks easy and straightforward. Simply slide each key into its respective lock to unlock it quickly. With keys held securely in their slots and rotating easily, unlocking will occur quickly without hassle or delay.

Overall, the Sentrysafe 1200 provides both security and convenience. Being able to store backup keys while allowing others access ensures that valuables remain well protected.

Peace of Mind

Finding security for your valuables is of the utmost importance, and with the SentrySafe 1200, you can rest easy knowing your belongings are protected from harm.

No matter the contents, this small chest offers ample room to store important documents, jewelry, or valuables safely and organized. With removable discs and adjustable partitions to help organize its interior space.

Apart from its durable construction, it also boasts user-friendliness. With a compact size that makes it simple to transport and store, an ergonomic handle provides comfortable gripping. Plus, the key locking mechanism offers quick access when needed.

sentrysafe small chest

Compact and Portable

The SentrySafe chest is both compact and portable, making it a convenient way to protect valuables. Due to its light design and size, this chest can easily be moved from location to location – ideal for those needing multiple safe storage solutions at once.

This compact chest makes storage simple in tight spaces – be it under a bed, in a closet, or in one of its smaller drawers – its design allows it to fit easily into most settings.

Additionally, this chest’s portability makes it an excellent solution for travelers. If you need to store important documents, notes or valuables on the road, this chest fits easily into any suitcase or backpack.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  1. Compact and Mobile: With its compact dimensions, the trunk allows for effortless transport and placement in different environments.
  2. Key Lock Mechanism: This chest features a key lock mechanism for added protection.
  3. Fireproof Chest: This chest can withstand high temperatures and protect its contents from fire.
  4. Durable Construction: Crafted with durable materials, the trunk is built for everyday wear-and-tear handling.
  5. Affordable Price: Chests offer an economical means of protecting valuables.


  1. Chests have limited storage capacity, making them unsuitable for larger items or valuables that need safekeeping.
  2. Chests do provide fire protection, but are not waterproof; therefore their contents could become vulnerable to water damage in case of flooding or exposure to moisture.

Is SentrySafe model 1200 fireproof?

The SentrySafe 1200 is indeed designed to offer fire protection for your important belongings. Mini-vault will keep objects inside safe dispite any potential fires for sufficient time. It’s like having a miniature fireman ready to start a fire just to keep your stuff safe and sound.

Featuring solid construction and top-notch fireproofing technology, is engineered to handle high temperatures, providing peace of mind during unexpected fire incidents. It’s your trusty guardian, designed to keep your treasures intact amidst the heat of the moment.

So, if you’re concerned about keeping your treasures secure during a fire outbreak, the SentrySafe 1200 is there to lend a helping hand. It’s your fortress against flames, ensuring that your most valued possessions remain safeguarded in fiery situations.

Overall Verdict

The SentrySafe 1200 is an ideal way to store valuables. With its compact size and reliable key-locking mechanism, this chest provides secure protection for documents, cash, jewelry, and other small items.

This chest features a built-in carrying handle for convenient transportation when necessary, while its interior is lined with soft carpet to protect fragile items.

Overall, the SentrySafe Keyed Money Chest provides an ideal means of protecting valuables. With its durable construction and fire resistance capabilities, this safe is worth an investment while its compact size and generous storage space make it suitable for personal or small-business use.

Question and Answers (Q & A)

sentry safety box

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How to reset the SentrySafe code?

SentrySafe provides the opportunity to store valuables and documents securely. However, should your safe’s access code become forgotten or changed somehow, resetting its code may be necessary in order to reaccess its contents. You can reset its code within its safe’s interface.

  1. Master Code From Manufacturer. Contact your manufacturer’s support team and request a sentry safe factory code to reset your safe. Proof of ownership may sometimes be ordered, so be prepared with this information.
  2. Reset Your Code With a Master Code. Once you receive the master code, turn on the safe and enter it. When finished entering it and resetting, either press a specific button or perform a particular sequence of actions – whatever works for you!
  3. Create a New Password. Once the Code Reset is successful, create a New Password for SentroSafe by following these instructions. A password will then be generated.

How can I create a new code in SentrySafe?

  • Before all, make sure the safe is unlocked.
  • Locate the Security Control Panel. This is typically found at the front of the safe.
  • Enter the combination you set up on the control panel. To find your default preset code, consult the operating instructions or safe label.
  • To open your safe, rotate its handle in the direction specified by its operating instructions.
  • Locate and activate the code reset button inside the safe door.
  • Press and hold the code reset button for several seconds until a beep can be heard and the light flashes, at which point press it again to confirm success.
  • Release the code reset button.
  • Pressing the code reset button again will confirm its reset.
  • Enter the new security code into the control panel, typically made up of numbers, letters, or both. Select its length (4 to 8 characters).
  • Repeat the control panel to test out your new security code.
  • Lock the safe by turning its handle in the opposite direction.
  • Confirm the new code by returning the safety handle to its original position and entering it on the control panel.
  • A beep and flashing light will indicate its success once a new code is accepted.
  • Now it is essential to create a new security code in CentroSafe and memorize it to protect access. Once established, keep it somewhere secure so as to prevent unauthorised access.

Can I open my SentrySafe with one key?

Sentry Safe is a premier manufacturer of security and safety products. Many individuals believe the security offered by Sentry Safe cannot be breached. Yet, multiple users are able to open all Sentrysafe safes using just one key, or is each key specifically assigned?

Idealistically, this would be advantageous, particularly with multiple safes. Unfortunately, safeboxes does not provide this feature, and each safe comes equipped with its own individual key, which has been created specifically for that safe.

This limitation pertains to security protection: opening multiple safes with one key can damage their contents. Losing or having your key stolen could allow an attacker access to all your safes, which may contain valuables or confidential documents.

Each safe key is specifically shaped and protected for easy use with just one key, adding another level of security by making it difficult for anyone else to copy it or access the safe with another key.

Contact their manufacturers immediately if you use multiple center safes and lose their keys. Manufacturers often offer key exchange programs. They may require proof of ownership, such as serial numbers or proof of purchase, as evidence.

Sentry Safe Keys are an integral component of security, and brand strive to ensure product reliability by offering unique keys for each safe. By doing this, you can protect your valuables while maintaining high levels of safety.

How can I open my Sentry safe if I forgot the combination and don’t want to break it?

Forgot the combination to your Sentry safe and now all your valuables are locked inside hostage? Before you grab a sledgehammer in a sweaty panic, take a deep breath – I’ve got easy cracked-safe-rescue tips up my sleeve!

First, check your manual or Sentry website for a factory code override specific to your safe model. Many feature a universal master code for just such forgotten combo emergencies that instantly sets you free! If not, call a locksmith to professionally unlock and replace the mechanism.

Now if you’re set on DIY MacGyver moves, you can attempt resetting the combo by ear. Spin the dial while gently applying pressure – when the wheels click into the right number slots, you’ll hear subtle catches. Write down each one and test until the lever turns. Just don’t muscle too hard or you could break the internal parts!

See, with some secret agent listening and official default combos, you can save your safe without a smashed scene straight from the movies. Now committed your new winning numbers to memory STAT – unless you wanna do this covert safe crack mission all over again!

What are the dimensions of the SentrySafe 1200 safe?

SentrySafe Small Chest measures 11.2″ wide by 14.3″ deep and 6.1″.

What safety features does the SentrySafe Small Chest have?

SentrySafe Money features a keyed lock to provide added protection of your valuables.

What kinds of valuables can I store in a safe?

SentrySafe Small Chest Money Safe is designed for storing small valuables such as jewelry, cash, passports and important documents safely.

Can this case be easily transported?

Yes, the SentrySafe Money 1200 is lightweight and portable for easy carrying, making it suitable for both home and office use.

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