Best Girls Jewelry Box: Choose Big or Small from the Top 5

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Best Girls Jewelry Box
A best girl’s jewelry box is like a real treasury – the most sacred and cherished possession. Since the moment a little girl sees her mother put on a necklace or a pair of shiny earrings, she falls in love with the jewelry. At first, she starts sneaking into her mother’s or older sister’s jewelry box to try on the much-coveted pieces. As she grows older she starts getting her own jewelry, and very soon finds herself in need of a box in which she could keep her growing collection of precious things.

This review may be helpful to parents who are looking for the best jewelry box for their little girls. Choosing a right jewelry box is not such an easy task as it might seem. The product needs to combine stylish look with practicality, at the same time being age-appropriate, safe, and durable. This is a piece that a little girl is going to keep for a long time as a depository of her most valuable things, so parents should make sure to get a really worthwhile one.

Best Girls Jewelry Box Buyer’s Guide

Now that we have taken a closer look at the most noteworthy jewelry boxes on the market, we are one more step closer to choosing a perfect one. Even though the choice might seem endless, there are several key features that most functional jewelry boxes have in common. So when shopping for a gift for your girl, you should pay attention to the following characteristics:

  1. Pull out drawers with multiple compartments.
  2. Side sections with necklace hooks.
  3. Ring rolls.
  4. Soft anti-tarnish inlay.

Once you have figured out the necessary elements of a jewelry box, it would be nice to look at some extra value-adding features:

  • a mirror,
  • lockable compartments,
  • drawer stoppers,
  • anti-skid and anti-scratch rubber pads,
  • bracelet/watch cushions,
  • earring slots.

Practicality is important, but you shouldn’t forget about aesthetics. In fact, some girls would rather tolerate limited functionality, but not unattractive look. So a jewelry box should be stylish and match the design of a girl’s room. Only in that case it has a  chance to qualify as a good gift.

Types of little girls jewelry box

  1. Musical Jewelry Boxes: These boxes often have a small figurine or a spinning ballerina that twirls when the box is opened, accompanied by music.
  2. Personalized Jewelry Boxes: These can be customized with the girl’s name or a special message, making it unique and special to her.
  3. Wooden Jewelry Boxes: Crafted from wood, these boxes can have intricate designs or carvings and may come in various shapes and sizes.
  4. Travel Jewelry Cases: Compact and portable, these are designed for girls who want to carry their jewelry while traveling.
  5. Themed or Character Jewelry Boxes: These boxes feature popular characters or themes that may appeal to young girls, like princesses, animals, or favorite cartoon characters.

In order to get a better insight into the market of jewelry boxes, let’s discuss some variations in design and style, which you might want to consider.

  • Size and configuration of the box.

classic jewelry boxesJewelry boxes usually come in shapes of chests, cases, dressers, cabinets, armoires, and displays. Functionality largely depends on configuration, so it is up to you to decide, what type to choose. For instance, dresser- or cabinet-shaped jewelry boxes have multiple drawers, in which jewelry can be organized by type. In most models each drawer opens independently, so you don’t have to take everything out just to find that very pair of earrings. Jewelry cases can also be convenient since they don’t take up too much space and can be easily brought along on a trip.

When it comes to deciding on the size of the jewelry box, the one and only relevant thing to consider is the size of your girl’s jewelry collection. There is really little sense in buying several small cases, when you can buy a large and capacious one. You should also think about the items that prevail in the collection. That would determine the configuration of the storage space. For instance, if you have a lot of bulky bracelets and watches, you would probably want a box with larger compartments without dividers. Or, if you are a happy owner of an extensive collection of earrings, it would be a good idea to get a box with a special section with earring slots.

  • The main purpose of the box and where you are going to keep it.

When buying a girl’s jewelry box, think about what would be its main purpose. Is it going to be a stationary item or a traveling case? Are you going to use it exclusively for storing jewelry, or other things as well (such as makeup or souvenirs)? Is it going to stand in a closet, or somewhere in plain view?

By answering these questions you will determine some important choice criteria. A large and richly decorated jewelry box can be a great centerpiece on a dressing table or a vanity cabinet. However, if you plan on taking the jewelry with you when traveling, a smaller and lighter case would be more preferable. A portable jewelry box should also be lockable and have a mirror. If you are looking for a versatile box, where you can store not only jewelry but other keepsakes, you should opt for products with more spacious and unspecified sections.

  • Choosing the material.

Most of the jewelry cases and boxes are made of wood or MDF. However, there is a wider range of available finishes. Lacquer finish, matte or glazed paint, veneer, faux leather, and fabric are the most popular ones. Which one to choose is a matter of taste, but practicality is also important. Veneer and paint coatings are low-maintenance and rather durable. They can get scratched, but not as easily as faux leather or fabric. Moreover, the latter one is also rather hard to clean. On the upside, leather and fabric can offer rich textures, which are unavailable with other finishes.

  • Design and color.

You would probably agree that the design of the jewelry box should be in line with the style of the interior. If the room is decorated in light and delicate colors and has a girly vibe, the jewelry case should match the color scheme. Plain white or combination of white and pink are the best picks. Natural wood is a timeless classic that will look great in both contemporary and classic interiors.

Best Girl’s Jewelry Box in 2024

There is a dizzying selection of jewelry boxes on the market. The variety of sizes, designs, configurations, colors, and materials is indeed amazing. In order to help you navigate through the myriad of choice options, we have selected the top-5 jewelry boxes for girls. Each of them is special in its own way and could take a distinguished place on a girl’s nightstand or a dresser.
The table below summarizes the key characteristics of chosen jewelry boxes for you to make a quick comparison.

1. ROUND RICH Jewelry Box – Colonial style Multi-Drawer Girl’s Jewelry Organizer

girls jewelry box white woodThis is a large and sturdy tabletop jewelry cabinet designed to store and organize large collections of jewelry. It has six uniform drawers, two side compartments and an extra compartment at its top so that a girl can allocate her jewelry in a most orderly manner. Although uniform-looking, the drawers have various configurations of inner space. The bottom two are open space, while the rest of the drawers are divided into several sections. The upper compartment has ring rolls and two sections for miscellaneous girly keepsakes.

The upper compartment locks on a key, so a girl can keep her most precious pieces of jewelry safe from prying eyes. There is a large mirror on the reverse side of the lid. The side compartments have metal hooks for convenient and tangle-free storage of necklaces and chain bracelets. Little magnets keep the doors shut.

This wooden jewelry box is tastefully designed to match the interior of a girl’s room. Its simple form and fine lines together with curved lid and legs resemble colonial style fine cabinetry. The combination of matte white exterior finish and white felt inner lining make the box look imponderable, in spite of its large size.

Overall impression

Best Choice Products jewelry box is an extra large and capacious tabletop organizer. Its understated classic design can fit in with any interior design style. Girls might appreciate that one of the compartments locks on a key, thus providing a secure depository for the most precious items. This is a sturdy and heavy-duty jewelry box, which some girls might consider too big and cumbersome.

  • The larger size and more storage space as compared to other jewelry boxes.
  • Elegant colonial style design.
  • Lockable compartment.
  • Large mirror on the reverse side of the lid.
  • The box has compartments with hooks to hang necklaces on.
  • Little storage space for necklaces.
  • The necklace compartments don’t have pockets on the bottom where the excessive chain length can hide, which makes the box inconvenient for storing long necklaces.

2. Kendal Natural Wood Jewelry Organizer – Classy and Elegant Contemporary Style Jewelry Armoire

wooden jewelry organizerSeya multi-compartment jewelry box is designed in a dresser-like style, providing organized storage space for various types of jewelry. It has six drawers (the upper one is fake and opens from the top) and two doors-like compartments on the sides. Each drawer has a different configuration of sections offering versatile storage options. Each side compartment has four hooks to hang necklaces on. The top compartment has special bedding to put the rings on. The bottom drawer has more storage space than others and can hold bulky bracelets, watches, and brooches. The lid has an inset oval mirror on its reverse side.

The overall look of this jewelry box is rather elegant. It has an hourglass-shaped profile, sleek nickel knobs, and a realistic wood-like veneer finish. The body of the jewelry organizer stands on a curved pedestal, which gives it the right-down resemblance with a classic piece of furniture. Its warm walnut color makes it a perfect accompaniment to a classic wooden furniture ensemble.

Overall impression

This jewelry box is a classy and convenient storage option for a girl’s room. It is rather capacious, but won’t take up too much space on a dresser or a vanity cabinet. Its multi-section design allows you to organize jewelry by type and by size. It will look more appropriate in a classic, rather than modern interior.

  • Well-made, sturdy jewelry box with a high-quality finish.
  • Classy and functional design.
  • Elegant, hourglass-shaped profile.
  • Multi-compartment structure provides convenient jewelry organization.
  • Necklaces can be stored in hanging position.
  • Stylish small mirror provides a view.
  • Soft, tarnish-resistant inner lining.
  • Won’t be able to hold a large collection of jewelry.
  • The box doesn’t lock, so one has to be very careful when lifting and moving it.

3. Rowling Extra Large Wooden Jewelry Box – Lockable Girl’s Jewelry Case with Laser Engraving

large jewelry box white This is an elegant-looking multi-compartment jewelry cabinet with a thought-out configuration that provides storage space for every type of accessories. It has four drawers with multiple sections of various configurations; two doors with hooks to hang earrings and necklaces on and a multi-section box that at the top.

This cabinet is capacious enough to hold a vast collection of necklaces, rings, brooches, hair pins, bracelets, earrings, pendants, and other precious girl’s trinkets. Most importantly, all these things will have their own place within the box and will not get tangled up or lose their pairs. The inside of each compartment is lined with soft velvet, which prevents jewelry from getting scratched and enhances the overall aesthetics of the box.

In order to keep all the treasures safe and prevent their scattering around in case the cabinet falls down or tips over, a girl can lock it on a key. The locking mechanism is designed in such a way that the side doors hold the drawers shut, while the lid encloses the whole construction. This is very convenient since you don’t have to lock each compartment separately.

Its design is also worth a couple of words. The wooden box with matte white finish is embellished with an engraved floral design on the top of the lid and matching flower-shaped handles on the drawers. It is designed as a miniature version of a full-size dresser.

The box comes pre-assembled, so a girl can start using it right away.

Overall impression

The Rowling jewelry box is a compact and convenient solution for storing and organizing extensive collections of jewelry. It combines elegant design with functionality and can match any interior.

  • The box has many compartments with dividers that help organize jewelry by type.
  • Locks on a key.
  • Soft inner lining prevents jewelry from damages and enhances the overall look of the product.
  • Designed with special hooks to hang necklaces and earrings.
  • Elegant design.
  • Neutral color matches any interior.
  • Comes with a mirror on the reverse side of the lid.
  • The drawers cannot be pulled out without opening the doors on the sides, which might be inconvenient in some situations.
  • The key and the lock are rather fragile.

4. SONGMICS 6-Layer Jewelry Box (Extra Large) – Dreamy White and Pink Multi-Drawer Jewelry Case

white and pink jewelry caseThis multi-tier organizer from Songmics is designed in a dresser-like style with 5 drawers and a top display for storing various types of jewelry. The top tier has 6 multi-purpose sections and two rows of ring-holders. The first drawer has 8 compartments designed to hold earrings, brooches, hairpins, and other small keepsakes; the second and third ones have 5 larger compartments; the fourth drawer is divided into four sections and the bottom one has no dividers at all. The top tier is covered by a glass lid, so a girl can put her best jewelry there to showcase it to her guests.

The box is made of MDF with a white glazed finish. Its inner part is lined with pink plush. Each drawer has a diamond-shaped handle, by which it can be pulled out of the box completely. While some users might consider the lack of drawer stoppers an inconvenience, others might like the idea that the drawers can be taken out for better access to jewelry or in case they need to be cleaned.

Overall impression

The Songmics jewelry box is a capacious multi-compartment organizer designed in a girly combination of white and pink. Its sleek design is enhanced by glittering handles and wavy bottom lines. This is an elegant piece that, aside from its direct purpose, can become a nice decorative element in a girl’s room.

  • Sleek, girly design and elegant outlines.
  • Capacious drawers with various compartment configurations designed to organize various types of jewelry.
  • Rubber pads on the bottom of the box protect the surface from scratches and help the box stand steadily.
  • Clear glass lid, which puts the favorite jewels on display.
  • The box has no necklace hooks, so there is a chance they might get tangled up, especially if too many of them are put in a single compartment.
  • There is no mirror included.

5. Large Real Natural Hardwood Wooden – Timeless Compact Jewelry Case

luxury jewelry boxThis compact jewelry cabinet is designed to fit in with a contemporary style interior. It is made of wood with a rich-colored veneer finish. The box is rather compact and doesn’t have as many compartments as other models. It has three drawers that provide organized storage of various types of jewelry, a compartment for rings and earrings at the top, and two side cabinets for necklaces. The lid opens to reveal an inset mirror on its reverse side, which little girls would most likely appreciate. The inside of the jewelry box is lined with contrasting off white soft material. The overall classy look is enhanced by the button-like silver colored knobs.

Girls might appreciate the timeless beauty of Seya classic jewelry box with its contrasting elements and refined forms. This box is designed to hold small collections of jewelry. The drawers are rather small, so large pieces, such as bracelets and watches will hardly fit in there. The side compartments have three metal hooks in each to hold necklaces and chain bracelets. This is the most convenient way to store jewelry of this type since it helps avoid tangling. Just like many other boxes, this one is not tall enough to allow long necklaces to hang freely, so you will have to fold them several times or hide the rest in the pocket at the bottom.

Overall impression

Seya classic jewelry box is a stylish and compact storage solution for small collections of jewelry. It is designed in dark color with contrasting inlay, which gives it a chic and ever-fashionable look. This box will match both dark- and light-colored interiors.

  • Elegant, timeless design.
  • High quality veneer finish.
  • Functional design that features such elements as ring rolls, a mirror, necklace hooks, and multi-section drawers.
  • Elegant and neat design.
  • Drawers are too small to hold watches and bracelets.
  • Side doors have little room for necklaces.
General Conclusion

A jewelry box is one of the most precious items in a girl’s room. This is a place where she keeps all her valuable things, the dearest keepsakes and little secrets. No wonder it should be stylish and attractive so that she could be proud of her possession. Functionality is also important, otherwise using it would be very frustrating. This guide presents only a few examples out of the wide variety of jewelry boxes available on the market. Hopefully, this review and recommendations will help you choose the best jewelry box for your little girl.

How to Choose a Jewelry box: 3 Helpful Tips

Sure thing! Selecting a jewelry box is like picking the perfect accessory for your accessories! Let’s delve into the treasure trove of tips to help you find that ideal box for your precious gems.

  1. Size Matters: Consider the collection you’ve got or plan to have. A jewelry box should fit your current jewelry collection and leave some space for future bling additions. Think about compartments, drawers, hooks, or dividers that can accommodate various jewelry pieces – rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets.
  2. Material & Style: Reflect your taste! Whether it’s sleek wood, luxurious velvet, or a blend of materials, the box’s style should match your personality and complement your décor. Some boxes are small, portable, and travel-friendly, while others are ornate, serving as decorative pieces themselves.
  3. Functionality & Security: Keep your baubles safe! Look for features like secure locking mechanisms, anti-tarnish lining, and padded compartments that prevent scratches or tangles. If you plan to move it around, a sturdy handle or compact design might be handy.

By considering these tips, you’ll uncover a jewelry box that not only holds your prized possessions but also adds a touch of elegance to your vanity or dresser. Remember, finding the right jewelry box is like discovering a gem in itself!

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