Digital Security Sentry x055 Safe – Detailed Review

Do you want to find an effective solution to secure your valuables? Plus, provide quick and secure access to important items without the risk of losing them.

Sentry x055 Safe Review: Find Maximum Protection for Your Valuables!

The Sentry X055 is safe is ideal for protecting even your most precious objects thanks to its secure large-capacity, comfortable interior space, sturdy electronic lock, and fire resistance features. This space is ideal for protecting documents, jewelry, cash or other valuables. The protection feature-laden safe can provide space and safeguards that can safely store these assets.

The safe comes equipped with an effective electronic lock that only permits access to its contents, making it easy to protect from unintended access. Program your personal code into its locking device for additional peace of mind.

Sentry X055 was specifically created to protect your belongings against fire and water, protecting your documents and valuables from destruction. Boasting X to Y levels of fire resistance, this device can withstand the intense heat generated by any potential fire hazard, providing extra peace of mind for you.

Based on its UL standard, this safe can remain waterproof for several hours in case of flooding or other forms of water disasters, keeping its contents secure.

Overall, this safe is made with a reliable X055 steel structure that allows you to protect items to the maximum extent possible and keep them safe. If you need to protect money, jewelry, important documents, or other valuables, this safe will resist threats and safeguard those items.

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Important Safety Functions

This safe comes equipped with numerous advanced and secure features – here are just a few key ones:

  1. Strength: Sentry X055 boasts a sturdy steel structure with door guards to prevent unauthorized access, plus a digital keypad with programming security codes for added protection.
  2. Fire Protection: This safe is designed to meet UL standards, with enough fire resistance for up to an hour of fire exposure. It features a fire seal designed to safeguard documents and other valuables against potential embers.
  3. Roominess: This safe offers enough room to store everything you need with its spacious interior of 0.5 meters in volume and features a FUT that can safely store documents, cash and jewelry.
  4. Application: The safe can store all the essential items for safekeeping in one convenient space, including keys and small valuables. Furthermore, its key rack and door pocket makes accessing it even simpler.
  5. Portability: Sentry X055 is compact and lightweight, making it easy to carry or store it anywhere you please. For added stability, this safe can also be mounted securely to either a floor or wall for extra support.
  6. Extra Protection: This safe offers extra protection with its screw and hand control system, including a manual lock button for emergencies or when forgetting the access code.

Robust Steel Construction Provides Maximum Protection

This safe is constructed of high-grade steel for long-term protection. Durable walls and doors prevent theft, while superpower loops and limited mechanisms further reinforce its strength and durability.

Sentry X055 safe’s steel construction makes it highly resistant to drilling, cutting and theft. Virginization technology and locks help prevent unauthorized access and keep valuables secure against attackers.

Steel structure provides additional protection from both fire and water infiltration. The outer surface protects items from high temperatures while serving to preserve them even in case of fire; further, watertight seals ensure water cannot get inside to cause mold growth or dryness of items inside the safe.

Safes contain soft carpets to shield fragile or fragile items from shocks and scratches, with adjustable shelves providing ample space to store all of your valuables.

sentry safe digital safe

Sentry x055 Safe Electronic Locking

Electronic locks for safe and effortless entry are becoming increasingly common.

Regarding protecting valuables, the Selly X055 Safe offers an innovative solution with its electronic locking function. With an E-Locking device allowing easy and secure access to valuables, only authorized individuals can open it.

Sentry Safe Medium Digital Safe, unlike electronic locks, doesn’t rely on physical keys for unlocking, instead using only a pin code. Therefore, there’s no risk of losing or misplacing them and anyone can easily open them if necessary.

Electronic locks are specifically designed to increase security. Utilizing advanced technology, they use PIN codes that are easily managed so only those who know them can gain entry.

Sentry X055 features an electronic keypad designed to prevent any unauthorized operations other than PIN entry, protecting against intruders who attempt to guess or breach your safe. Furthermore, its design ensures long-term use in harsh environments while remaining stable.

Sentry X055 Electronic Castle provides added convenience by supporting multiple user codes, enabling you to assign PIN numbers for specific people within your family or employees who require access permission. As needed, these codes can easily be managed and changed allowing full control over who can gain entry.

Electronic locking device works in tandem with batteries so the safe will continue functioning even during power outages, offering long battery life so you can always protect your valuables.

Large capacity storage spaces to hold everything

Sentry X055 Secure Tray can safely hold all your essential documents, valuables and personal items. With ample room available for storage, this safe is ideal for protecting what matters.

Sentry X055 provides ample internal space that is quickly graded horizontally, vertically, horizontally and vertically in height to suit any storage need. Adjustable shelves ensure optimal organization.

sentry safe x055

Pros and Cons of the Sentry X055

The Sentry X055 is an attractive solution for those who want to protect their belongings with a secure storage option, but there are specific considerations before making your purchase decision. Here is what we should keep in mind before settling on one model over the other:


  1. Equipped with a digital lock with programming code and high terminal security features, including an emergency access lock.
  2. This safe is designed to withstand high temperatures and protect valuables in the event of a fire.
  3. X055 has a compact design that can be easily placed in tight spaces such as cabinets or desks.
  4. The price is also cheap. It is an option for many as it offers solid protection at an affordable price.


  1. The capacity is smaller compared to other models.
  2. Enough to store important documents, and small items may not be suitable for storing large or numerous.

The Sentry X055 safe is ideal for protecting your most prized possessions with its large memory space, comfortable interior design, sturdy electronic lock and fire resistance features. The safe offers space and protection features to suit every need – be they documents, jewelry, cash or valuables of any type!

How can I open Sentry X055 securely without using its security key?

Without the use of a security key, opening a Sentry X055 safely can be challenging; however, here are a few strategies for opening it without resorting to extreme measures:

  • Use a buckle or thin metal object. Inserting a buckle or thin metal object firmly and pressing gently will open your safe. Turn slowly clockwise without exerting pressure until the lock releases and the safe opens up.
  • Use a strong magnet. There is enough power behind the magnet to move it, stopping any locks or safes from closing and opening them up quickly and safely.
  • Safe Support. If the safe is uncooperative or inconvenient to use, contact Sach Safe Customer Service immediately for assistance at their customer service center. And ask for help opening it without using keys or suggesting other possible solutions.

Notes: Opening your safe without first consulting its manufacturer or professional locksmith can lead to damage of both safe and lock. For best results, it is wise to seek guidance from both prior to opening a safe.

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What can I do if my SentrySafe x055 battery has died with no key?

Sentry X055 bags may become disoriented if their batteries become discharged and their keys become inoperable. Prompting an emergency situation to arise. There are steps that you can take to resolve this problem.

  1. Locate the Switch button. A switch h-key can access a safe when its battery has run out, or the electronic code has been misplaced.
  2. Sentry Safe X055 Replacement Key. If you need help finding or retrieving your safe’s key, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the customer service of your safe.
  3. If your safe is malfunctioning and needs immediate attention, seek professional locksmith assistance immediately. Locksmiths possess the experience and equipment to gain entry without further damaging it.
  4. In order to avoid similar situations in the future, please check your safe’s battery regularly. Plus store it safely and efficiently accessible place. Keeping track of its key is also highly advised.

Remember that it’s best to be prepared for unexpected circumstances. Take the necessary actions and maintain your security status so you can access it anytime.

How can I change the code on my Sentry Safe X055?

By changing the Sentry X055 Safe code, you can protect various things. To do so, follow these steps:

  • To unlock your safe, open its door and locate its keypad.
  • Change your safe lock; typically, the production code for safes is “00000”.

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Final Verdict

Sentry X055 provides security, fire, capacity, and unauthorized operation protection. Making it the ideal choice for homes, offices, or small businesses alike. Model X055 provides complete protection and peace of mind, protecting everything that matters in a secure way. So, you can have peace of mind knowing everything is protected.

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