Large Honeywell 1104 Safe Fire/Water: Review

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honeywell 1104 safe

Modern society places great value on protecting valuable assets and important documents, from family souvenirs to legal papers to electronic products – be they fragile or valuable. With Honeywell’s new portfolio, protecting these important items from fire or other potential risks has never been easier!

Honeywell offers water-resistant chests to keep your belongings secure from floodwater or puddles, offering greater peace of mind during floods or puddles. Each chest comes equipped with a waterproof seal that helps ensure dry interior storage for valuables on multiple levels. Protecting valuable assets and important documents has never been more essential in modern society, whether that means precious family souvenirs, legal documents or electronic products from potential risks like fire. They are introducing their latest portfolio.

Honeywell is a respected name in the security industry. For over 100 years, they have provided high-quality products designed to meet customer needs.

Safe Honeywell 1104 Lightweight Fire and Waterproof: Designed to Offer Maximum Protection for Valuables!

Honeywell 1104, built and installed using cutting-edge technology in extreme conditions, safeguards assets to the greatest extent possible. Capable of withstanding temperatures up to 843degC for 30 minutes, the device protects an item even in case of fire or explosion.

Honeywell offers protection from more than just fire; their waterproof design means they are also well protected against floods or leaks, shocks and physical impacts – even when damaged in some way, its contents remain secure.

Avoid taking unnecessary risks when it comes to protecting your valuables. With the Honeywell fireproof document safe, you can safeguard them from fire, water, and any other potential threats, perfectly safeguarding what matters most in life.

Honeywell 1104 Fire and Waterproof Safe Overview

Honeywell provides the latest solution for protecting valuables with its fireproof and waterproof structure that provides maximum protection from damage or loss.

This is made from high-grade materials that can withstand extreme temperatures, making it the perfect solution for protecting documents, digital media files, and other valuables. According to UL standards, this can withstand temperatures as high as 1550degC for up to 30 minutes without losing its contents – perfect protection even in case of fire!

Large Interior Space: The Honeywell 0.39 cu waterproof and fireproof chest 1114000 provides ample space for important documents, electronic devices, jewelry and other valuables to be stored safely. Additionally, its interior is lined with soft protective material, which helps prevent scratches or damage to items inside.

Portability and Convenience: The lightweight and compact chest is designed for portability and convenience, featuring a comfortable top handle as well as a detachable shoulder strap.

Honeywell 1104 portfolio provides exceptional property protection. From protecting important documents and personal items with secure locking mechanisms and spacious interiors to its fire and sealing properties, trust Honeywell and maximize their security of your valuables.

honeywell 1114 fire and waterproof safe

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Dependable security measures

Honeywell takes extraordinary steps to protect customer assets. Not only is this box flameproof, but it also comes equipped with other protective devices designed to safeguard important documents and valuables.

Honeywell 1114 Fireproof Box provides unsurpassed security to protect your valuables to their maximum extent. P

erfect for storing important documents, jewelry or electronic devices in one secure space. Its high quality security measures offer peace of mind to store important documents or electronic devices safely.

This is constructed of premium-quality materials with excellent durability features. Such as a double steel and three combined locks, giving it fireproof features and antitheft security capabilities.

The interior of this tray contains a spacious compartment with removable storage space and a key-operated lock for extra security. Ideal for small items like jewelry and USB drives, as well as additional layers of protection with its key lock feature.

Additionally, this case features an ergonomic handle and carrying strap, making it easier than ever to carry and perfect for travel.

Key Features:

  1. The design allows you to carry it and store it compactly for storage and convenient use.
  2. Convenient storage with compact storage capacity
  3. Stylish and professional designs of electronic devices
  4. External fireproof surface for maximum protection
  5. Interior finish with protective materials
  6. Organizable with multiple storage spaces and pockets

Convenient in Size and Design

The Honeywell 1104 is designed to protect valuables as much as possible and comes in an easily portable design, making it easy for anyone to carry and store. Take it anywhere – wherever life may lead.

This chest features a sturdy handle for easy carrying, making it the ideal travel wallet. Additionally, its compact dimensions make it suitable for storage in airplane or car luggage when traveling.

Honeywell 1104 Freshized document box features an elegant and professional design, making it suitable for all occasions. Ideal for business people storing documents while travelling as well as travelers needing secure document storage solutions, this box provides reliable solution.

This chest features an outer burn for added safety against flames. Meanwhile, its interior consists of fireproof materials designed to withstand high temperatures for enhanced document and object storage.

Box was also designed with comfort in mind. Multiple storage spaces and pockets offer ample room to keep items secure safely, and its BAU S-IN combination lock ensures only you have access to your valuables.



  • Large and roomy size
  • Fireproof
  • Waterproof
  • Reliable brand


  • Without a key in the lock – it is blocked
  • Plastic latches

How can you use Honeywell 1104 Fire Case?

Haniwell 1104 fireproof is designed to offer maximum protection for valuables. In order to achieve its intended function, however, proper usage must be observed so as to maximize its efficiency. Here are a few helpful hints for using one effectively:

  • Please choose an appropriate location: when placing your box, ensure it is in a safe and accessible place, away from sources that can start fires, such as rice cookers, heaters or fireplaces.
  • Add items: remove your most essential and valuable storage items from your purse, using individual storage units or classrooms to organize and secure them.
  • Before closing your bag, ensure its interior is secure by fully keeping its flap and lock in place to prevent external influences such as water, fire or smoke from infiltrating it. This ensures a proper seal to minimize potential leakage issues.
  • Important documents: if essential documents are in your purse, they can be organized and quickly found when an emergency arises by placing them in your memory space. This helps organize them and make finding them simpler in a crisis.
  • Protect electronic devices: foam chest sealant can help safeguard laptops and tablets during transportation. Lift it firmly while not moving it during transport.

honeywell 1114 review

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Which is Better Honeywell or Sentry Safe?

When it comes to securing your valuables, Honeywell and Sentry Safe are two trusted titans. But which rugged reservoir can better guard your gems, legal docs, and cold hard cash? Let’s crack open the differences.

Most Honeywell safes shine with digital touchscreens and fingertip-ready biometrics like fingerprints. High-tech security made easy! Sentry tends to stick to good ol’ fashioned key locks however. Low tech, but reliable.

Durability-wise, both boast muscular steel bodies to thwart break-in attempts. But Honeywell touts patented composite doors harder for hammers to crack. Yet Sentry counters with higher maximum fire ratings to withstand scorching blazes.

Size and style choices? Sentry rules with more in-home and office designs from vertical to flat formats. But weight for weight, comparable Honeywells often fit more cubic inches of jewels and files.

Protecting Your Prized Possessions: Sentry or Honeywell?

While both heavy hitters get the job done, Honeywell edges ahead for smarter security made easy thanks to those digitized locks and beefier bolt-downs. Then again, Sentry Safes shrug off flames hotter. Choose what best protects your prized gems, papers, weapons or memories! Both vaults valiantly stand guard.

Honeywell 1104 vs 1114: What Are Their Differences?

One of the key considerations when purchasing a safe is knowing who the manufacturer is, as well as the conditions for storing valuables. One famous and reliable manufacturer is Honeywell Safes which provides high-quality safes for protecting documents, money, jewelry and other valuables.

Honeywell 1114 and 1104 safes feature simple yet secure locks that can only be opened by authorized personnel and are fire and moisture proof to meet different environments’ requirements. Furthermore, their reliability guarantees the protection of valuables stored inside.

Below are the main differences between safe models of printers.

Protection and Security:

Both safes are constructed of high-grade metal with reliable hinges and locks. However, the Honeywell 1114 boasts additional features, including an electronic lock with code lock capability, anti-theft hinges, variable access codes, and electronic key fob access controls.

Fire Resistance:

Honeywell 1114 safe has higher fireproof capabilities than its counterpart, 1104 safe. Model 1114 can withstand temperatures of 927degC for two hours of exposure while only 843degC for one.

Weight and portability:

The Honeywell 1104 is more portable and easier to transport, while its counterpart, the model 1114, may be better suited to indoor placement.


Honeywell 1104 safes are typically less costly than their higher-priced counterparts, offering more features at a lower cost point.

Decision between Honeywell 1104 and 1114 secure models ultimately depends on your unique needs and preferences. For compact, portable safes with basic features, consider the Honeywell 1104. However, for higher levels of security with greater capacity and fire resistance consideration, Honeywell 1114 could be worth further investigation.

Honeywell 1114 provides additional protection with triple burglary protection and an increased capacity. for your valuables. Its specifications can be seen here.

Comparing Honeywell 1104 and 1114 safes reveals some exciting specifications:

  • Dimensions: Honeywell 1104 measures 51.4 x 38.1 x 33 cm. While the Honeywell 1114 stands 60 cm high by 36.8 cm wide by 36 cm deep.
  • Volume: Honeywell 1104 can hold 40.6 liters while 48.7 are stored in both safes. Both safes are equipped with electronic locks, which offer increased protection.
  • Security Rating: Both safes have earned a UL RSC burglary resistance rating.

With these specifications in hand, you can select between safes based on the capacity, size, and level of protection you require. Both safes come equipped with multiple compartments for organized storage, providing easy and safe archiving for documents and valuables. Each model can meet the demands of storage capacity requirements in different spaces or situations. Weight and portability considerations will determine your choice.

Weight and portability are essential when comparing Honeywell 1104 and 1114 safes. Both models feature easy handling with unique handles that facilitate movement. However, even lighter safes may take more effort than expected to move.

If portability and easy movement are paramount. Honeywell 1114 safe may be more suitable due to its lower weight and greater portability. On the other hand, durability and reliability could make the Honeywell 1104 more suitable.

General Verdict

Overall, Honeywell 1104 fireproof portfolio is ideal for those searching for portable storage space with practical dimensions and features. Its compact size, sturdy structure and various storage features will help safeguard valuables from harm while offering convenient portability.

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