Honeywell 1103 Fireproof Briefcase: Review

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Nothing can top a reliable and durable safe in protecting documents and valuables from fire or flood, such as those offered by Honeywell medium safes. Honeywell medium safes offer exceptional peace of mind to keep valuables protected against loss in an emergency situation such as these.

Will Honeywell Secure My Belongings?

Thanks to its sturdy structure and top-grade materials, this safe can withstand extreme temperatures without being damaged, providing comprehensive protection for its contents. It meets UL specifications with a temperature rating of 1550degC for 30 minutes as well as a waterproof rating up to 39 inches for 48 hours – the firebox feature also adds protection when storing documents, jewelry or other valuables.

The Honeywell 1103 features a secure lock that closes its lid tightly, providing additional fire and water seals. Due to its small size and lightweight nature, you can store this safe in multiple areas around the home, such as wardrobes or under beds, without issues. Plus, there’s even a convenient handle on this safe!

Trust Honeywell as the number one safety brand to keep your valuables secure in case of emergency. Their security ensures the reliability, durability, and protection of important documents and valuables in an emergency.

honeywell 1103 fireproof briefcase review

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Key Features and Benefits mes Resistance and Sealing

  1. Capable of withstanding temperatures between 1550degC and 2000degC for 30 minutes provides valuables with extra fireproof protection.
  2. It has an outstanding waterproof capability to safeguard valuables in case of flooding or waterlogging.
  3. Capacity. 12.6 inches by 6.6 inches. The spacious interior can hold valuables such as important documents, cash, and jewelry safely and conveniently. A removable storage compartment makes organizing and customizing luggage effortless.
  4. Strong structure. Secure your valuables with the durable external decoration and waterproof protective seal that provide maximum protection.
  5. Trustworthy locker mechanism. The safe is equipped with a key-operated lock to make use more convenient, as well as two keys so it can be utilized at any time.
  6. Compact and simple design. Created for effortless transport. Light and tight enough for storage purposes when traveling. Perfect for transporting valuables safely while away.
  7. Reliability. Honeywell invested in a medium-sized fire extinguisher that protects valuable assets against fire and water. This investment ensured reliable protection of assets against fire or flooding incidents.

Key Features of Fire Resistance

  • Wall Designs: For greater insulation and protection, double walls have been implemented inside the box for added insulation and safety purposes. This helps block heat from entering, maintaining its value even under extreme temperatures as it helps ensure its value can remain in tact regarding value and safety.
  • Resistant Adhesive: The box features a fire-resistant adhesive that serves to block smoke, fire and water penetration into its interior, providing valuables with safe protection during any potential firestorms. Insulating material thereby helps shield them from heat and smoke exposure and offers safe storage solutions in case of fire damage.
  • Durability: Honeywell’s medium waterproofing product has been rigorously evaluated and certified by Underwriters Laboratories, meaning that it has passed stringent fire safety tests and meets the highest safety standards.

Honeywell fire & water chest construction ensures maximum protection of valuables stored within. Able to safely hold items such as important documents, jewelry and electronic devices even in the event of a fire, this firebox ensures their safekeeping for years.

honeywell medium waterproof fire chest

Does Honeywell make good safes?

Honeywell is an established fire safety brand with more than 100 years of history in fire safety. Provides four reasons why they can be trusted:

  1. Reliability
  2. Resilience
  3. Water resistance
  4. Safety fire

Brand Honeywell has long been recognized as the go-to home security system. Thanks to this tradition of reliability, they continue to develop innovative solutions that protect assets such as documents, jewelry and other valuables from harm – with medium sized safes designed to withstand even extreme conditions.

This safe is relatively spacious, providing plenty of room to store valuables such as important documents and passports – making it suitable for both home and office use.

NOTES: Honeywell’s medium-sized fireproof boxes feature advanced fire protection technology, but to use them safely, it is essential to store them away from potential ignition sources in accordance with local fire regulations.

SentrySafe vs Honeywell Safes

There are two effective solutions available to you to safeguard your valuables: Honeywell and Sentrysafe safes. Both brands provide secure safes that can protect documents and items in case of fire, but each brand also varies slightly which could impact how best it suits your needs.

Investment Target -Size and Capacity: Honeywell and Sentrysafe offer different sizes and capacities, so it is important to consider your storage requirements when making this decision. Honeywell provides options ranging from wooden boxes for storage of smaller items up to large models for multiple-item storage, while Senti Safe caters more towards small boxes than Honeywell does.

Water Resistant: Safes’ construction guarantees water tightness; valuables remain protected even if the box falls into the water. One thing worth noting: Honeywell boasts outstanding waterproof technology.

Fire Prevention: Ranking protects valuables from fire.

Honeywell fire safes are known for their sturdy design and excellent fire resistance properties and are designed to secure maximum value even when exposed to high temperatures for extended periods.

Honeywell and SentrySafe both provide various kinds of rock mechanisms as firelocks. Brand Honeywell generally utilizes natural locks, while Sentry Safe typically employs combination locks. If needed, consider which type is most convenient and secure when making your decision.

Notes: Fire Cabinets come in various sizes, features, and manufacturers. Honeywell fireproof cabinet products are costly but offer excellent quality and durability. SentrySafe models are readily available.

Both Honeywell brand and Sentrysafe models are reliable and effective security solutions. Still, when making your choice, it’s important to consider factors such as size, weather resistance, fire protection, lock mechanism price, etc., to make an informed decision based on individual requirements and preferences.

Advantages and Disadvantages of

Honeywell fire & waterproof safe chest with carry handle extinguishers provide excellent fire and water protection, offering exceptional fire fighting capabilities as well as water defense.

honeywell fire and water chest

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  • Temperatures up to 1550degF can last for 30 minutes and ensure the safety of activities in case of fire.
  • Waterproof material protects objects in case of flooding or leakage, providing reliable protection.
  • With its capacity of 0.24 cubic feet, you can store important documents, cash, jewelry, and other valuables safely.
  • The construction features a sturdy double ladder wall design with fire seals to keep things safe.
  • There’s now a convenient portable pen to help keep you writing wherever life may lead you.
  • There is a way to prevent unauthorised access to valuables.
  • Its compact size and lightweight make it suitable for home, office, and outdoor use.


  • Unfortunately, the large waterproof box at the center doesn’t provide enough space for large items like laptops and firearms to be stored safely.
  • Not equipped with modern protection features like digital pads and biometric locks.
  • This box’s price tag is fairly exorbitant compared to similar waterproof and firearm systems.

Verdict: Honeywell 1103 review in short

Overall, medium-sized fireproof boxes are an ideal way to safeguard valuables like documents, cash, or small items against fire and water. It provides security against theft, with a sturdy build and a simple lock mechanism. Their sturdy construction and materials help them withstand stress without damaging property.

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